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    Redefining The Advertising Landscape With Digital Signage

    When it comes to traditional advertising, most people have developed a knack for tuning out the noise. In fact, 74% of people think there are too many ads – and most of them are overwhelming, repetitive, or irrelevant. 

    Does this mean that you should give up on advertising completely?

    No! However, businesses must be tactful and sensitive about their digital marketing strategy. Here’s where digital signage can help!

    With the right tools and strategy, you can reshape how your audience interacts with ads. Let’s discuss this in more detail below.

    Getting creative with digital signage advertising  

    Digital signage has opened a world of wonders for creative storytelling in digital marketing campaigns. They’ve also bolstered human-computer interactions like never before. 

    The reason is simple — digital signage solutions empower advertisers to scale ad campaigns without overspending on printing costs, quality checks, and compromising on consistency across channels. 

    Here are some advertising trends using digital signage.

    1. Immersive indoor displays

    When you think of fancy screens, you’d most likely recall those in malls and retail stores. These screens are not just flashy — they’re part of a carefully curated digital marketing strategy. In fact, 64% of customers report being more engaged with a brand because of the promotions they see on digital signage!

    Even more, digital signage can create more tailored experiences for customers through narrowcasting. This means sectioning your audience into small target groups to show more relevant and personalized ads.

    Picture being greeted by a massive media art display when you enter a venue. You realize this display is made of multiple screens dancing in unison — displaying impeccable video content. It then transforms into transparent TVs, showcasing this new era of “floating displays''! This is what LG did at CES 2024

    Now, imagine this type of an immersive advertising trend at your store location. You’re not just engaging customers while they shop; you’re giving them an experience they’ve never seen before! Think of virtual fitting rooms, dynamic product displays, and a visual spectacle at your storefront — all powered by a dynamic digital communication solution.

    african-american-man-looks-clothes-online-touch-screen-monitor-fashion-boutique-mall-self-service-board-male-customer-looking-trendy-clothes-items-retail-kiosk-display (1)

    2. Digital out-of-home (DOOH) broadcasting 

    Digital out-of-home broadcasting is a spinoff of traditional out-of-home (OOH) advertising. While OOH is still in use, DOOH gives businesses the edge to create more engaging, relevant, and targeted content. 

    With DOOH broadcasting, brands can use creative videos, images, and graphics to create compelling content. These ads also enable advertisers to create more targeted content that is not only location-based but can be fine-tuned to details like time, demographics, and language. 

    Some added advantages include:

    • More flexibility for real-time content adaptation 
    • Less cash spent on printing costs and quality assurance 
    • More interactive than traditional OOH ads

    Let’s say you’ve just launched some new sports gear and want to promote your new products. Using displays like Samsung’s DOOH screens, you can share dynamic ads of your new product right where customers are! Whether a busy street or a shopping mall, these displays are a head-turner.

    Once your hardware is installed, plug in your content management system (CMS) and share ads in a few clicks! A cloud-based CMS like the L Squared Hub makes digital communication simple, with built-in plug-and-play apps to share content in a snap! Highlight features, performance, and benefits to capture the crowd’s attention with dynamic content. 

    Innovation is the future, and digital signage is playing a massive role in redefining future advertising trends. 

    2nd-Image--2 (1)

    3. Point of Sale (POS) displays 

    POS displays, strategically placed at checkout points, have the subtle (yet powerful) ability to nudge those last-minute “Eh, why not?” purchasing decisions. 

    Imagine you’re at a cafe – about to grab your coffee to-go. You see a display screen at the counter showing hot deals on croissants and sandwiches. They even highlight a discount when paired with your coffee. Here, resistance crumbles, and you’ve got yourself a sandwich. 

    Interestingly, you can also integrate digital signage with environment sensors to detect temperatures and weather changes. This will then trigger your displays to tailor ads accordingly.

    For instance, your displays will show hot coffee or tea on cold days and some chocolate ice cream on hotter ones. It’s about hitting the sweet spot — with smart digital marketing strategies!


    4. Interactive advertising

    Most ads are usually a one-way interaction. It’s like a monologue from brands to their customers. 

    While these ads grab your audience’s attention, they don’t offer a two-way engagement. So, how can you make your ads more interactive?

    The answer is interactive digital signage advertising — and it has both offline and online benefits. More importantly, you can interconnect these two mediums to create more impact.

    Offline: Imagine an interactive display at a mall or crowded shopping area. You play your creative ad with messages to encourage customers to snap pictures with your display and tag you online. The results — You increase brand awareness, get traction, and even make a sale! 

    Online: You can take it a step higher by syncing your social media to your signage. This way, when customers post trending hashtags and mention your brand, you increase social engagement and amplify the buzz on your display network.

    Benefits of digital signage advertising

    As more businesses take the digital route, let’s take a look at some of the top benefits of digital marketing ads: 

    • Increases brand visibility: Digital signage displays your products and services to a wider audience. You can share targeted ads based on location, time, and demographics to create more tailored experiences.
    • Ensures synchronization across locations: Cloud-based platforms, like the L Squared Hub, make it easy to manage display networks across locations — using a centralized dashboard. This way, you can ensure consistent messages to targeted screens, reflecting a professional brand image. 
    • Offers a cost-effective solution: Unlike traditional signage, digital signage is not an ongoing investment. You can save cash by waving off printing costs, hiring manual labor, and ensuring consistent quality — which is not the case for posters and bulletin boards.
    • Gives measurable insights: Solutions like L Squared give detailed reports on content and device performance so you can assess ad effectiveness. The ‘Proof of Play’ option shows details like when ads are played, for how long, and on which devices airtime transparency is maintained. 

    Go digital with L Squared 

    L Squared is a turnkey digital communication solution for modern businesses. We cater to clients across verticals to help them redefine communication with both customers and employees. 

    Our cloud-based content management system (CMS), the L Squared Hub, makes updating and managing display networks as easy as a few clicks. Plus, our built-in arsenal of widgets exponentially increases your content-sharing capabilities.

    If you’re looking for an intuitive platform and stunning visual displays, book a call with us now!