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Visitors get frustrated when they can’t navigate to where they want to go easily, leading to a poor experience

Not having an efficient wayfinding system in place can also waste time or cause congestion. Additionally, helping visitors find their way can take your staff away from their duties.

Modernize and upgrade navigation at your organization with L Squared. With our wayfinding solution, you can show people where to go and how to get there quickly. Clear multilingual directions can save time and free up staff to focus on their responsibilities. 

Here’s how our wayfinding
solution can help you


Whether it’s helping guests find their rooms quickly or getting attendees into the right conference rooms, our solution can optimize the flow of people through your hotel property.

Higher Education
Higher Education

Large school and university campuses can get confusing. Direct students and faculty around sprawling grounds, and help them locate buildings, classrooms, and facilities without a hitch.


Navigating around a hospital can add to an already stressful experience for patients. Help them quickly find their way to appointments, departments, and facilities and enhance the overall patient experience with easy-to-spot signage.


Guide employees and visitors in locating departments, meeting rooms, or amenities. Not only does this reduce traffic around the office, but it also decreases wasted time, thereby increasing overall productivity.

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Hear From Our Satisfied Customers

Our office and most warehouses are transformed with the new digital displays. It allows us to circulate important business updates and critical information quickly across these facilities. The locations with this technology have quickly realized greater engagement from the employees.
Sabrina Khan
Communication Specialist, Purolator
The L Squared Hub is the most comprehensive content management platform that we have worked with – there hasn’t been any communication piece that was too big for this system. We were able to push out high-res videos and images with consistent content refreshes without missing a beat.
Michelle Cameron
Michelle Cameron
Director of Marketing, The UPS Store

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