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Enhance communication, boost morale & provide valuable training to employees during their downtime

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Create a more informed and engaged workforce by simply using breakroom TVs

These dynamic displays can enhance internal communication, increase engagement, promote company culture and provide educational content. Just what you need to foster a cohesive and productive workforce with a sense of community!

L Squared's digital communication solution includes vibrant displays and an easy-to-use content management system that can push out any content you create with the click of a button.

Here's how our breakroom solutions can help you


Provide updates on patient care protocols, training videos for staff development, and wellness tips to employees, enhancing communication, education, and well-being.


Create a hub for company-wide announcements, showcasing achievements, promoting upcoming events, and reinforcing organizational values.


Display sales targets, customer feedback, and product training videos, fostering sales team motivation, product knowledge, and overall store performance.


Share critical information like shipping, receiving, and delivery updates to keep your workers informed. Also, stream corporate events like seminars and tradeshows to engage workers during their breaks.

Higher Education

Provide a relaxing outlet for your staff by sharing light entertainment and educational content. Share on-campus events, latest news updates and educational content to keep your staff connected and informed.

See how L Squared's digital communication solutions are ideal for breakrooms in your organization


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  • Education

  • Retail

  • Warehousing

Case Studies

Partners we have impacted

  • UPS

  • Lifelabs

  • CHEP

  • McMaster

Hear From Our Satisfied Customers

Our office and most warehouses are transformed with the new digital displays. It allows us to circulate important business updates and critical information quickly across these facilities. The locations with this technology have quickly realized greater engagement from the employees.
Sabrina Khan
Communication Specialist, Purolator
The L Squared Hub is the most comprehensive content management platform that we have worked with – there hasn’t been any communication piece that was too big for this system. We were able to push out high-res videos and images with consistent content refreshes without missing a beat.
Michelle Cameron
Michelle Cameron
Director of Marketing, The UPS Store

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