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Enabling powerful communication by putting the right information in the right place, at the right time


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Our mission is to help our customers communicate powerfully - with security, ease and impact. 

We achieve this with a secure, connected digital signage tool and content management system that helps our customers grow.

Here’s how we fulfill our promise - to provide the best digital communication solution that helps you achieve your goals:

  • ease

    Ease A long list of integrations to make pulling-in data incredibly easy for you.

  • impact

    Impact Location-based content solutions to help you tailor your digital signage based on user behavior.

  • security

    Security A cloud-based system with best-in-class guardrails to protect your data.

With this expertise, we have served enterprises through our global platform in 60+ countries.

Gaj Founder Picture

Our founder, Gaj, started out selling some of our peers’ software. He found that current software were too rigid for the diverse digital signage ecosystem and needed IT intervention at almost every stage.

That’s why he decided to build the L Squared Hub. He took the most customer-centric attributes of other systems and combined them into one flexible, easy-to-use cloud-based communication platform that would help you communicate easily, instantly and powerfully.

We believe that strategic communication has the power to transform a business. Customers and employees need critical information in real-time to make crucial decisions. This means that you need to publish, tweak and update content in real-time. 

L Squared was born to bridge the market gap surrounding these needs. 


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We have spent over fifteen years fine-tuning our product and evolving with the market.


  1. 2014 Identified the market gap for software-controlled content management for digital signage
  2. 2015 L Squared’s earliest avatar was born
  3. 2016 New version with enterprise features launched
  4. 2018 Partnership with Microsoft
  5. 2019 Partnership with Lenovo (L Squared reseller)
  6. 2020 Partnership with Best Buy for Business (L Squared reseller)
  7. 2023 L Squared's 16-year anniversary

Where we are today:

  • Business entities in Canada, USA and India
  • Solutions deployed worldwide, focused on North America
  • Enterprise-ready
  • Subscription-based software
  • Worldwide hardware distribution through Lenovo, LG, and Samsung.

The L Squared

Your Success =
Our Success

As your growth partners, your complete satisfaction is our #1KRA

Shift Left,
Move to the Top

We focus on making everything easy for you from very get-go, so you can focus on winning.

People With a

Our infectious entrepreneurial energy makes us keen problem solvers and dependable partners.

We Do Right.

Integrity, honesty, accountability, trust and kindness: our core values shapes our DNA.

We’re Self Made,
Motivated & Aware

Never losing sight of the goals, always curious for feedback, we strive to be better everyday.

Powerful Partnerships

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  • Microsoft

Hardware Partners

  • LG
  • Samsung
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  • Intel
  • NEC

Distribution Partners

  • Almo
  • exertis
  • Ingram
  • D_H
  • Tech Data Synnex
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Music Partner

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